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South Lake Tahoe movers answer the question ‘What kinds of valuables are suited for storage?’

Value is in the eye of beholder and the South Lake Tahoe movers at Owens Brothers Transfer have moved and stored all kinds of items in their storage facility. Value is determined by:
  • An appraised value of an item such as jewelry, art, or antiques
  • An insured value set by an insurance company
  • A purchase value based on what was paid for an item
  • A sentimental value attached to gifts or items that have been in the family for a long time
Regardless of how...
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How to protect furniture in self storage

Storing furniture with a plan is the best way to prevent scratching or damaging valuable chairs, tables, and other items. Here are some tips from the professional Reno area and South Lake Tahoe movers at Owen’s Brothers Transfer to help safely store furniture. One of the most common things to keep in a storage unit is large furniture, due to how large they are. However, these large pieces of furniture are often quite expensive and shouldn’t just be tossed into a unit and forgotten about. Use...
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It’s all covered — a check list for an organized move from Incline Village storage company

Moving is stressful. Just thinking about moving is stressful and thinking about the process—sorting through closets, drawers and cabinets; getting boxes; putting something down and forgetting where it is; doing the laundry; cooking meals and getting the kids to and from school—can make anyone just a little crazy. The secret for “less crazy” move is to spend some time getting organized before starting. Here is a checklist from Owens Brothers Transfer, the Reno and Incline Village storage and moving company, to help. Remember that the...
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