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Getting the most from the right packing materials, tips from the Reno storage company

-It might seem like a good idea to get free boxes for moving from friends, neighbors, social media and local stores, until the box rips open, dumping the packed items onto the ground. Using the right packing materials saves time, saves money and protects valuable personal property from damage, reports the team from Owens Brothers Transport, providing storage services for Reno and South Lake Tahoe and moving services for the entire Western United States.

There’s more to packing than...

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‘Moving with pets,’ tips from the Reno and South Lake Tahoe movers

-Moving disturbs everyone’s routine and can be particularly stressful for pets. Moving companies rarely transport pets, but the professional long-distance movers from Owens Brothers Transfer have some tips to help their customers prepare and travel with their pets to their new homes.

Some types of pets, that spend most of their time in cages and aquariums, are relatively easy to move. Their enclosure is their habitat and as long as their feeding schedule is fairly consistent, they don’t seem...

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South Lake Tahoe movers release tips for reducing moving anxiety

-Moving, even when it’s the start of a new and exciting chapter in life, can be stressful and discouraging; so stressful, in fact, that too many tend to put off organizing and packing. The South Lake Tahoe movers from Owens Brothers Transfer have some tips to help families organize a stress-free move.

The most obvious first step is to allow plenty of time, but work, school, the kids after school activities and daily life seem to get in the...

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