Reno and Incline Village storage company answers ‘What can’t I keep in storage?’

Owens Brothers Transfer, serving storage needs for Incline Village and the entire Reno area have a list of items that can’t be kept in storage. Hazardous materials that are considered a threat to public health and safety cannot be stored. Along with describing these materials, the Incline Village storage company is providing information for safely disposing of materials on the list.

What materials are considered hazardous?

Hazardous materials are generally classified under general descriptions of:

  • Biological and medical waste and materials
  • Flammable and explosive materials
  • Paint, household and industrial cleaners
  • Asbestos and caustic chemicals

How to dispose of hazardous materials

So, what to do with that box of household cleaning supplies you just pulled out from under the kitchen sink?

Some items, while classified as hazardous and can’t be kept in a storage unit can be given away. Paint and household cleaners are good examples of items that friends and family can probably use safely. Those items are usually not accepted by a storage facility because they are open and can leak, are caustic such as bleach, and may be flammable or emit fumes.

A storage facility has an ethical and legal responsibility to provide a safe place for people’s belongings. Safety includes protecting personal property from certain kinds of damage and providing a safe workplace for employees. The Incline Village storage company, Owen’s Brothers Transfer is committed to providing a safe place for their customers’ property.

Most local waste management authorities, waste disposal services or landfills can tell you how to dispose of, or recycle, materials and items that are considered hazardous.

  • A wide variety of materials can be safely recycled and if the landfill doesn’t recycle certain materials, the office can refer you to the appropriate service.
  • Flammable material such as gasoline or propane.
  • Materials such as explosives, including unused fireworks, are generally not handled by local landfills or recycling services, but might be safely disposed of by local fire departments.
  • Asbestos requires special handling by experts. The local waste management authority can provide you with the information you need to connect with the appropriate experts.
  • Biological and medical waste is anything that has come in contact with, or been exposed to blood, other bodily fluids or pathogens. This isn’t normally the kind of hazardous materials people have around but when someone in the household has had a serious illness or injury it’s important to know how to safely dispose of used medical supplies, personal protection equipment such as gloves and masks, and other items that have been exposed.

Perishable and packaged food

While not considered hazardous materials, the staff from the Incline Village storage facility want to take this opportunity as a reminder that perishable and most packaged food is not suitable to be kept in a storage unit. Food can mold and the mold can spread. Food also attracts rodents and insects.

Safe and secure storage

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