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‘Top tips for recruiting friends to help you pack’ from the South Lake Tahoe movers

-One way to test true friendship is to put out a call for help packing and moving. It’s great when friends show up to help and being organized about who shows up, when they show up and what they do is the best way to avoid a lot of stress and headaches, reports the moving experts from Owens Brothers Transfer.

It might seem like free help is a good way to cut down on some of the expenses of...

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Preparing large items for storage, tips from the Reno and South Lake Tahoe storage professionals

Some people choose to sell large items such as furniture and appliances before a move. The thinking is that fewer items to store and move make life a little simpler and “we can always buy new things when we get to our new home, right?” To sell those items or keep them is a personal decision, but if you decide to keep them and store them for the move here are some important tips from Owen’s Brothers Transfer, the Reno and South...

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Getting the most from the right packing materials, tips from the Reno storage company

-It might seem like a good idea to get free boxes for moving from friends, neighbors, social media and local stores, until the box rips open, dumping the packed items onto the ground. Using the right packing materials saves time, saves money and protects valuable personal property from damage, reports the team from Owens Brothers Transport, providing storage services for Reno and South Lake Tahoe and moving services for the entire Western United States.

There’s more to packing than...

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