The perils of DIY moving, tips from the Reno movers

Getting ready to move to a new home or office brings out the procrastinator in everyone. While looking forward to a new home or new place of business can be exciting, the threat of forgotten possessions that are lurking in the hall closet can be daunting. Even the best-scheduled packing plans get derailed by discovering something you forgot you had, then trying to decide what to do with it. Owen’s Brothers Transfer, the company providing storage and movers for Reno, has a list of the disadvantages of DIY moving and how to avoid problems.

Scheduling and scheduling conflicts

Sorting, disposing of unwanted items, and packing are just three more things to add to the list of things to get done. The kids still need to go to school and after-school activities, you still need to show up at work, laundry still needs to be done, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning still happen and the dog still needs to be walked.

On top of all this, packing is often interrupted by unexpected scheduling conflicts like having to stay late at work, running out of tape, packing peanuts and boxes, and especially boxes of the right size.

Then there’s the logistics of renting a moving truck, loading it, unloading it, and returning it. Maybe friends can help, but maybe not.

Admittedly, there are those organized individuals walking among us who can get a house full of furnishing, kitchen supplies, toys, tools, clothing, and everything else sorted, packed and moved without breaking a sweat. But, most of us don’t really know any of these people, unless our best friend happens to be a professional mover.

Working with a professional moving company can eliminate a lot of scheduling conflicts. There are still going to be moving-related tasks that you need to get done, but hiring a moving company minimizes the time spent scheduling.

Physical effort

It’s easy to get a little careless in the rush of trying to get everything done. Staying up too late, not getting enough sleep, incorrectly lifting heavy things, rushing to get regular chores done, not eating well and maybe a little too much coffee can all add up to sore muscles, strains, and stiff joints and feeling tired.

The chances of an injury, when you’re not at your peak, are high. Back injuries are the most result of unsafe handling and lifting. Estimates are that 21% of injuries are attributed to improper lifting and carrying. The heavier the object the more risk of injury, but packing and moving can also contribute to strains associated with repetitive movement.  

Professional movers are conditioned and trained for lifting and transferring heavy, awkward, and even fragile items. Plus, they have all of the specialized equipment needed to safely load and unload boxes, furniture, and more on and off the truck. The Reno movers from Owen Brothers Transfer

Insurance coverage

Renter or homeowner insurance may only cover items damaged during a move under certain circumstances. Check your policy before starting a DIY move.

If your policy doesn’t cover damage or loss for certain circumstances, you risk losing important personal property and are responsible for replacing it yourself. When working with a professional moving company, you can purchase moving insurance to cover any damage that might happen.

Additionally, the risk of breaking something is much lower when working with professionals than it is during a DIY move.

Top reasons to work with the pros

  • Scheduling is easy. Give the moving company an inventory on the form provided and tell them when you are moving. The team shows up, packs you up, loads the truck, and unloads it at the destination. You can do all the packing yourself, but it is frequently more cost-effective to have them do that, too.
  • Efficiency and expertise. Professional movers are efficient, experienced, and well-trained to handle all aspects of the moving process from start to finish. They know how to pack, load, and transport your items securely, saving you time and reducing the risk of injury and damage.
  • Convenience. Owen’s Brothers Transfer handles the entire process, from packing to unpacking, which allows you to focus on other aspects of the move, such as settling into your new home.
  • Cost. When compared to your estimates for a DIY move, a moving company might seem expensive. But, considering the inevitable hidden costs that surface when you are doing the packing and moving, the long list of things to do, and the stress of schedules gone wrong, possessions being broken or damaged, and lost sleep,

Owen’s Brothers Transfer

The Reno movers have been in business for more than 40 years helping families and businesses relocate to and from the greater Reno and Tahoe areas. In that time, the team has completed more than 15,000 moves.

  • The company specializes in moving homes, offices, hotels, resort properties, and large firms.
  • There are no hidden fees or unexplained charges. Clients always receive a written estimate of prices from your moving coordinators.
  • The same team that packs you up, drives the truck and unloads at your destination.
  • Owen’s Brothers Transfer is available to you from the start of the packing and moving all the way through settling in at your new location.

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