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Reno and Incline Village storage company answers ‘What can’t I keep in storage?’

Owens Brothers Transfer, serving storage needs for Incline Village and the entire Reno area have a list of items that can’t be kept in storage. Hazardous materials that are considered a threat to public health and safety cannot be stored. Along with describing these materials, the Incline Village storage company is providing information for safely disposing of materials on the list.

What materials are considered hazardous?

Hazardous materials are generally classified under general descriptions of:
  • Biological and medical waste and materials
  • Flammable and explosive materials
  • Paint,...
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Incline Village and Reno Area Storage Company Announces the Top Ways to Prepare for the Movers

-Taking the time to prepare for the movers is more than half the battle of getting packed, loaded and moved. Not only do the right preparations make for a smooth move, settling in is easier, too and the professional movers at Owen’s Brothers Transfer, providing moving and storage for Incline Village and the Reno area have prepared a list of the top ways to prepare for a move.
  • Pack by room and mark the boxes. To help prevent breakage, pack fragile items with a...
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South Lake Tahoe movers answer the question ‘What kinds of valuables are suited for storage?’

Value is in the eye of beholder and the South Lake Tahoe movers at Owens Brothers Transfer have moved and stored all kinds of items in their storage facility. Value is determined by:
  • An appraised value of an item such as jewelry, art, or antiques
  • An insured value set by an insurance company
  • A purchase value based on what was paid for an item
  • A sentimental value attached to gifts or items that have been in the family for a long time
Regardless of how...
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