Why it’s important to stay in touch with storage management

Thousands of storage units go into default annually, leaving both the renter and the storage facility owner in difficult situations. No one wants to lose their personal property and most facility managers prefer to not have to file a lien and try to recover the financial loss of unpaid rent. The management at the Lake Tahoe area storage facility, Owen’s Brothers Transport, has prepared some tips to help renters keep in touch with the storage management in the event problems come up.

The laws in most states that govern storage facilities give the renter every reasonable opportunity to catch up on overdue rent and other charges or to vacate the unit. Things can happen, an injury or illness or some other unforeseen event can cause someone to get behind on paying the rent. It’s important keep in touch with the facility management so that arrangements can be made that satisfy everyone.

It is important to notify the storage management of any problems as soon as possible. The chances are that a satisfactory solution can be worked out. Some of the things a renter can do to help avoid getting behind on rent and risk losing valuable personal property include:

  • Thoroughly read the rental contract before signing it so that you know exactly what your obligations are
  • Make automatic monthly payments from a checking account or credit card
  • Provide a back-up credit card in case the first one doesn’t process for any reason
  • Update your storage facility account with new expiration dates for debit or credit cards
  • When first renting the unit, pay ahead a month or two
  • Pay ahead when going on vacation, a long business trip or planning a medical procedure or medical leave from work
  • Notify storage management when you are going to be out of town
  • Make sure your emergency contact information is current in the event management is unable to reach you
  • Authorize someone to act on your behalf if you are unable to do so
  • If you foresee financial problems, consider downsizing to a more affordable unit and allow plenty of time to make the move to a new unit

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