‘Moving with pets,’ tips from the Reno and South Lake Tahoe movers

-Moving disturbs everyone’s routine and can be particularly stressful for pets. Moving companies rarely transport pets, but the professional long-distance movers from Owens Brothers Transfer have some tips to help their customers prepare and travel with their pets to their new homes.

Some types of pets, that spend most of their time in cages and aquariums, are relatively easy to move. Their enclosure is their habitat and as long as their feeding schedule is fairly consistent, they don’t seem to mind the hustle and bustle of moving. Dogs and cats, on the other hand, can become worried and stressed by the change in activity or when their favorite chair or sofa is suddenly gone and things in their home are changing.

Two important things to remember are:

  • Keep to the normal feeding and exercise schedule as much as possible.
  • Don’t leave doors and window open with the dog or cat loose in the house and don’t leave them unattended in the backyard. Even the most reliable dog or cat may bolt from the stress. People coming and going might accidentally leave a door open, also allowing an escape.

The Reno and South Lake Tahoe area movers love pets and want them to have as successful a move as their people. Other important tips include:

  • Discuss the upcoming move with your veterinarian. The doctor may have some good suggestions for caring for your pet during the move.
  • Make sure your pets are up to date on vaccinations and get copies of all of their records for their new veterinarian.
  • Rent or buy crates that pets can spend time in when people are coming and going. Put beds, food and water dishes and in the crate along with some favorite toys. For cats, put the litter box in the crate, too. Crates keep animals safe and will become the animal’s safe den.
  • Let the pets wander around the packing boxes, sniff them, and encourage them to play. Playing exercises mind and body and relaxes them. Be sure to spend time giving the pets their usual cuddles and attention.
  • Don’t get upset if the cat doesn’t use the litter box or the dog starts relieving himself in the house. The different activity can make them anxious. It might also take them a little while to get used to a new outside potty routine at the new home.
  • Consider kenneling dogs during particularly busy times. Doggy day care is an excellent outlet for energy and anxiety. Cats may not kennel as comfortably, but a nice-sized crate in the bedroom can give the cat a sense of security.
  • Kenneling while the movers are working might be a safe decision for the dog.
  • Plan the trip to the new home. Make reservations at pet-friendly lodgings and do some research on pet-friendly parks and restaurants on the route.
  • Help the dog and cat get used to their new home. Set up their crates, show the dog where the doggy potty is and go out with him every time until he learns the routine.
  • It might not be wise to leave the dog or cat alone in the new backyard until they settle in. Dogs will go looking for their people and might escape. If they need to be outside while everyone is at work and school, consider getting a kennel to keep them safe while they adjust. Come home at lunch time to check on them if possible.

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